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  • This is the official video for Water is Life (Boots on the Ground), the first single from the forthcoming album "The Rise and The Fall". Footage is sourced from Unicorn Riot--an independent socially aware news organization--through a Creative Commons non-commercial share-alike license.

  • This is the official lyric video for "Small Town Blue" by Smith & Ryder

  • Did you know that I make cigar box guitars and play them from time to time in my live shows? This is a cigar box baritone ukulele that I made for my friend Lily.

  • I recorded this Madonna cover for the 3rd edition of the "Great Cover Song Challenge" by Victor Infante. You can read his excellent article describing the challenge and its origins at the Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

  • Great Cover Song Challenge-Air Supply Edition. Here is the article in the OC Weekly that describes this challenge.

  • Great Cover Song Challenge-Phil Collins Edition. Here is the article that describes this challenge.

    Sean Ryder's the first to tell you that he's normally a cowboy chords sort of Americana musician, but his cover of Phil Collins' "Droned" - done for the Telegram & Gazette's Great Phil Collins Cover Song Challenge - is a beautiful piece of work, shot on the back roads of Central Massachusetts and put together with an acoustic guitar, a pennywhistle, a xylophone, two different African drums and vocals. The result is staggering.

    --Victor Infante, Worcester Telegram and Gazette favorite videos of 2016.

  • Here's a cover of Moneygrabber by Fitz and the Tantrums, solo acoustic. I made this video for Fil Pacino's cover song challenge.