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Sean got his start in music playing guitar in garage bands while in high school. In college, he focused on his vocal craft performing with the University of New Hampshire Concert Choir under the direction of Cleveland L. Howard. He then performed for a year with the New Haven Chorale before giving up music in order to focus on a career in research. After a long hiatus, Sean returned to music in 2013 after discovering a latent passion for songwriting. Since then, he has been a regular on the local scene, performing frequently both solo and in his bands: Smith & Ryder and Backyard Swagger.

Sean's songs have received critical praise and have been featured on local and nationally syndicated radio programs. He brings his self-reliant outlook and strong appetite for learning to his approach to music. Inspired by transcendentalism, he writes songs that have been described as "genre-crossing", "deep and overflowing", and "desolate and beautiful".

To request a booking or for press inquiries, please contact Sean by Email.