SEAN RYDER * Contact * New Album "The Rise and The Fall" due to be released Summer 2017


"There have been numerous attempts to capture the conflicts brewing around water in song, but most attempts have landed flatly, cliché protest songs with very little depth. But somehow, Worcester musician Sean Ryder has managed to capture the urgency with his new song and music video, Water is Life (Boots are on the Ground)."

--Victor Infante, Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

"Considering there are only two musicians on the album, it's remarkably layered and peppered with bits worthy of attention."

--Victor Infante, Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

Small Town Blue was picked up by the nationally syndicated radio program Ice in the A.M., heard on WCUW 91.3FM Worcester, and WMRC Milford."Throughout the song, the guitar and violin work is subtle and unforced. Everything flows like a gentle brook to its sad, inevitable conclusion. It's the light hand that gives the song its power, the gentle wistfulness in Ryder's vocals, the understated accent of Smith's harmonies. The violin plays softly, the guitar strums softly, and the result is a song in which every inch is pregnant with heartbreak."--Victor Infante, Worcester Telegram and Gazette.